Friday, March 16, 2012

_ Magnificent Milo _

Get a load of this fine specimen! Meet Milo, he is a two year old, about seventy-five pound, red colored, Golden Retriever. We led him into our Big Roll this morning where he absolutely thrived. Milo played hard with several different pack members, specifically, Maximus and fellow Golden Mollie. It was great to have such a well-balanced new dog. Your typical "dog's dog", Milo communicated well with the others and had an easygoing demeanor.

We believe Milo thought he had "died and gone to heaven" while attending The Fort lol. Crackin' job today bud, we hope to see you in here again soon.

Here are two quick clips of Milo enjoying himself this morning.

Enjoy your weekend and have a happy/safe St. Patrick's Day. I have a big weekend ahead. The Band and I are playing at the Daffodil Queen's Coronation this evening, the St. Paddy's Day Dash in Seattle tomorrow morning and then multiple "establishments" in the PM after that. Good times!



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