Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Clips

It's been a busy day around here. Everyone has been working extra hard to get our overnight boarding plans in gear. There is lots of planning, marketing and running around to do before Memorial Day weekend in May... That is when we will be kicking off our 24/7 canine care operation, how exciting!

I'm going to post some clips now, that is all lol.

Miss Bella "The Dane" returned for a visit today. She's bigger and happier than ever. Bella played with lots of dogs in the Big Roll pack, taking quite a liking to Gus... Boy is he popular!

Also in the Big Roll, Grady, was being his normal happy-go-lucky self. He is a great dog, pay no attention to the fact that he looks like he is getting "beat-up" in this clip haha. Grady goes a million miles an hour while playing, sometimes the pack needs to slow him down a notch. This helps us and it is a good thing!

New Mastiff pup Tilly showed up this morning. She is doing mighty fine, making many new friends, including Terrier Bad-Boy "Lil Gus".

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