Monday, March 12, 2012


A few neat articles for you that I found this morning. Two great clips from today follow.

Here is a fun photo set of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show.

The many health benefits of dog ownership
Fresh air, cardio, snuggle-buddy, someone you can rant to that will just listen hahaha, just to name a few!

Frank Lloyd Wright's Dog House This man's architecture has always been fascinating to me. His dog house design is just as funky and cool.

17th Annual Ugliest Dog Contest For the last three years, I've checked out images from this event. Every single time I do, I end up rolling with laughter. It's a must see.

Medium Roll Mondays, every dog is in high spirits, particularly this group!

Bear has been doing a fine job in the Big Roll. There is a lot to learn in there as a pup, he's coming along nicely and listening well.

Stay dry this week,


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