Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neato News... Facebook!

Found these links earlier, they're all pretty awesome, enjoy!

For Iditarod winner, a legacy of loving dogs

Dog helps ailing girl by carrying oxygen tank

'Stunt Dog' show promotes pet adoption through amazing canine tricks

Former Marine to be reunited with canine comrade

Training of prized dogs a family affair

How to handle dog aggression

Wiener dog race supports city animal shelter

Find the 5 best dogs for your family

Show dog author explains why we love our dogs so much

Talking dog Clark G loves heroic canines and bacon


P.S. I have been dragging my feet for awhile but... We are now finally on Facebook, yayyy! Hope has a lot to teach me hahaha, I've been out of the "Social-Networking" loop for years now lol.

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