Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Admirable Arly

Meet Arly! She is a ten month old, about forty-five pound, white/light peach colored, Goldendoodle that had her assessment a few weeks ago. Arly has been by The Fort once a week for a couple of sessions now... She is here to sharpen and hone her "Dog Communication Skills" and become more social with other canines. Arly has been spending her time in our Medium Roll and hasn't done half bad. She doesn't mind the others and isn't fearful or anxiety ridden about the situation. She just won't play, yet! We will never count her out. It would be of no surprise to us if one day, Arly busted out into rigorous play with members of the Medium Pack.

The wily one-eyed Marley, almost got Arly to play last Wednesday. He pulled out every trick in the book (Exaggerated Play Bows, Spins, Butt-Pushing lol, etc...) to entice her into activity, however, it didn't quite happen. Arly is a great dog with a striking look. She is wonderful with people and is welcome to Fort Fido anytime. Hopefully, with consistent attendance and time, she'll "let her hair down" a bit and enter into that realm of play which is the heart of our operation. Luckily for her owners, although she isn't "playing" much, she doesn't just lay around. She's big on prancing about, getting a quick rear-end sniff in and generally being active. That's mainly why we think there is still much hope for this fine doodle gal.

Take it easy,


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