Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Dingo Plug and 2 Links

Red Dingo is a really neat company and I thought I would plug them again. We have carried their line of pet tags for about four years now. If you haven't checked them out, please do! They have added dozens of new designs over the years (especially the last year) and their products are the epitome of quality.

In the past, I would get my pet tags (for my two cats at that time lol) made in this machine, that reminded me of a boardwalk penny-crusher, at a big-box-pet-store that will go unnamed ha... The tags were always kind of flimsy and the engraving was faint, hardly legible. The Red Dingo pet tags, however, are of a very high quality. They are good-looking, last forever and are readable without a magnify glass. They're most definitely Fort Fido's pick for pet identification tags. You can browse the Red Dingo catalog in our lobby. If you find a tag you like, we'll whip ya up a quick order form. Your tag will arrive in your mailbox within a matter of days. I've often been pleasantly surprised with the speediness of Dingo's system. Don't worry, my chicken-scratch hand writing will not be the font of the tag. ;)

In other news... I was emailed two good articles from HomeAgain Pet. Here is one with some down and dirty Dog Training Tips, the other is a short story about Spyder the Border Collie.

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