Friday, March 2, 2012

Sassy Sammy

Meet Sammy! He is a three month old, twenty-one pound, black and white colored, Puggle (Beagle/Pug Mix) that had his assessment this morning. We put Sammy in the Medium Play Area. He really wasn't sure what to think of things at first, we weren't even sure that he would "bust out" in play... Lucky for us and his owners, he did! After about an hour in the Medium Roll, Sammy not doing too much, Gus arrived. He began to pull out all the stops (Playbows, spins, face-licking etc...) to get the new recruit to play and wouldn't ya know it, Sammy went for it. From that point on it was "game over" for the sitting-around stuff. Sammy began to play like there was no tomorrow, with several different pack members. He truly enjoyed himself. Swell job this morning Sammy, you are welcome to The Fort anytime. A special thanks to Gus for helping us out, he really got this Puggle-guy moving in the right direction. I'll end this post with three fine clips of the Sam Man warming up to the gang.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. Another Puggle that is a friend of Fort Fido is Buddha. When that fella comes, look out! He's always tearing it up. :)

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