Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Blog Gadgets and Clips

Boy o boy lol, we are becoming so very tech-savvy around here. Our Facebook page is taking off like a rocket (Go ahead, "Like Us"!) and Hope has even started putting together a nicer version of our YouTube Channel. I have added a few neat features to our blog. You can check them out to the right of your screen. We now have a fancy Facebook link, a list of our favorite posts, and if you scroll down a bit more, you can see the top-viewed blog posts of the month. We are having a lot of fun with this stuff and it is great FREE marketing for The Fort. :)

We will also be launching a brand new website soon, it's been a labor of love for me. We just gotta have a new site with all of our overnight boarding info!

I'll leave you with three clips.

Big Roll

Medium Roll

Little Roll

Take it easy,

P.S. If you are looking for something to do this weekend you could do this and or this... I highly recommend the latter, it is a wonderfully-fun, hell of a good time! Tickets can be purchased at the door, dress nice. ;)

P.P.S. Did I mention we are on Facebook? Hahaha!

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