Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Saturday Action!

I caught a few really neat clips of the dogs in action today. First up is Emily and Jasper! These two dogs hit it off right away and were playing together on and off throughout the day.

Gordon wanted a turn to play with Jasper too!

Lastly, I caught a clip of Ziva and Winston joining in on the fun.

In the doggie-news, I found a couple of really great articles.

The Mushing Mortician revives sled dog

Groups disagree on when dogs and cats are "geriatric"

Now that summer is coming up soon, here are some tips on hiking with pooches!

I saw this article, and I just had to post it. We see things like this a lot here at the Daycare--dogs want to behave, they want to do the right thing; we just have to make sure we are communicating in a way that they understand. Owners set the tone for dogs' behavior

Science says: dogs and cats definitely dream

I hope that you guys have a great weekend!


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