Friday, March 30, 2012

Busy week ends with Gregarious Gracie!

We did it! Not that I doubted us, or any of the new dogs for that matter lol... But, you just never know sometimes. Needless to say, I don't Blog about the canines that don't cut the mustard. Luckily, it's rare, we chat with folks about their dog far before the assessment date. We also go over our handy application. We've carefully designed the questions on it to give us all the information we need. Nine times out of ten, we'll know if a dog is going to work out here or not. Long before they step one paw into the lobby. :) I've touched on this before in my post "Giving The Boot".

All six of our assessments (new dogs) passed this week. There wasn't one "hitch in our giddy-up" haha. Excellent!

Now onto the show... Say hello to Gracie. She is a lively, one year old, thirty-five pound, Australian Labradoodle. This is a popular breed for us at Fort Fido. These dogs are cute, active and hypoallergenic. We definitely see why folks fall in love with them. Gracie sprinted around our Medium Roll like there was no tomorrow. She fits right in with that high-energy group. We believe Gracie will learn a lot here at The Fort. She'll certainly expel some of that "doodle-power" at the very least.

Here she is, just starting to get into it with Tilly...

Then, a bit later, she has officially "Busted Out", look at her go!

Enjoy your rainy weekend,


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