Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Breeds @ The Fort

The other day, I got to thinking about the various canine breeds we've encountered here at The Fort. We have had well over 600 dogs walk through our doors since 2006. It's a bit tricky for us to determine how many different breeds there has been (including mixed breeds), but we would guess that at least 75+ varieties of dogs have attended.

With that said, here are the Top Five Breeds from Fort Fido Doggie Daycare. This was no trouble for us to figure out as it has become quite clear over the years.

1. The Labrador Retriever and all it's color variations. The Chocolate and Yellow Labs being the most popular. This makes a lot of sense considering the Labs make a wonderful all-around dog for any type of family or individual.

2. Oodles of Doodles... Poodles and all of their popular "designer" mixed breeds. The Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, Yorkipoo, Schnoodles, etc... All of these breeds are mighty cute and hypoallergenic, hence the popularity.

3. The Golden Retriever. Has been America's most popular dog breed time and time again. It reminds me of Baseball and Apple Pie lol.

4. Boxer. They have the most energy/stamina of any dog we have ever seen. Makes sense why there are several at The Fort eh? Even though they seem to be fully-ampled at all times, Boxers tend to be pretty well behaved and well rounded daycare dogs for us.

5. German Shepherd. These dogs are majestic and powerful creatures yet need much time, training and energy from their owners. They are, what we always say, "A LOT OF DOG". ;)

This was quite interesting and fun for us to think about.

We have to put the Shih Tzu as an honorable mention. We've had tons of these guys running around, besides, I wouldn't want to tick-off Mr. C !


P.S. Found this interesting, you may too... The Worlds 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds. Also, all of our Top Dogs were on the 2011 Most Popular Dog Breeds list from the AKC, no surprise there! Here is a cooler, visual, version of that same list.


  1. nevermind!! LOL I should have read the text hahaha :D
    but hey they are #4 over all :)