Thursday, January 26, 2012

Double Dog Dare Ya

Boy o boy, what an eventful week it has been. I figured it would be a big one due to last week's snow. This morning, we assessed two new Medium Roll puppies! We were as pleased as punch when both young dogs passed with flying colors.

First up was Sadie. She is a five month old, thirty-two pound Labrador Retriever / Coonhound Mix. Sadie has "puppy" written all over her. She is tall and lanky, quite adorable yet ruff and tumble. Sadie did very well with the other dogs and played like there was no tomorrow.

Later on Jax rolled in. He is a four month old, thirty-four pound, Boxer. Like Sadie, Jax is a high-energy and curious puppy-dog. He went to playing right away and excelled at it. Jax is a fine specimen that got along great with the others pack members.

Both pups enjoyed their stay immensely. They are welcome back to The Fort anytime. We are excited to have them in again, these two shall turnout to be some marvelous adult canines.

Watch these clips of the newbies having a ball.

Be well,



A special WELCOME BACK! goes out to our Big Roll pal Big Duke. You may recall that Duke has been going through some serious health issues. Surprisingly, things are on the up and up for him. So much so, that he was able to attend daycare today with his brother Jack. Way to be Duke, you are one tough animal... You can do it buddy! :)

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