Saturday, January 28, 2012

Local Dog News!

Local animal activists come together to help an injured pup and the family who could not afford her care.Little Luna broke her leg after a tumble from a table, and thanks to help from a few rescue organizations and a generous vet, she was able to get the care she needed.

KOMO news viewers also came together to give a second chance to 8-year-old Black Lab Piper.

Loose dogs in an Idaho town have put a hold on incoming mail.
Remember, both Tacoma and Seattle were on the list of Top 10 cities for dog bites to mail carriers this past year. Make certain that your pooch is securely tucked out of the way, if they are aggressive or even over-exuberant ("don't worry, she's friendly" are some famous last words, lol).

The Seattle Humane Society posted some tips for keeping pets safe in the cold weather. I know it seems like we go over this every summer and winter (and we do!), but it's only because the advice is just as good now as ever. :-)

The Washington Sportsmen's Show is going on this weekend, where Dock Dogs are going to be making a splash! They will be there every day of the show.

Here is another great rescue story--a lost dog was extricated from some bramble bushes and thanks to help from Facebook and Twitter, Irish Setter Zweetie made it home okay.

This next story isn't local, but it's something cool you should check out. The Stage Stop sled race began yesterday, and will end February 4th after 240 miles. This race is modeled after the Tour de France, with stops in different towns daily. This is a nice 'alternative,' I think, to the grueling nature of races like the Iditarod.

Hopefully we don't have conditions for a sled race around here anytime soon!


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