Monday, January 16, 2012

The Musher's Secret

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Well, considering it's a snowy day out there I thought I'd mention a real swell product we've been carrying here at The Fort for years. Our buddy James, Vet Tech next door at Fircrest Veterinary Hospital, recommend we carry it. It's called Musher's Secret and I may have mentioned it a bit in the past. It is amazing, all-season, Paw Protection for dogs. We use it on our own dogs pads when they've been through some heavy activity. For instance, a long summer walk on hot asphalt or hiking trips. Occasionally we will have a new canine friend at Fort Fido that's a tenderfoot. If they play really hard and their pads can't handle the rubber-flooring, due to dryness, Musher's Secret saves the day by preventing cracked pads. It's made from 100% natural waxes, ideal for any dog be it working, hunting, mushing, service or pet. It's cool stuff folks, we and many others swear by it.

Take it easy out there today on the roads. We won't be closing regardless of weather conditions. Please call to reschedule your day if you can't make it due to the weather. If you don't let us know you risk losing the day, nobody wants that now now!


Stay warm,


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