Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nancy's Chicken Chase Game

The Little Roll was treated to some hilarious fun this afternoon. Nancy's brainchild, The Chicken Chase Game, was a comical hit. Beija, Frizzy, Gherie and Samarah seemed the most interested out of the group but many tried it out. Nancy thought that dogs with a bit of "prey-drive" would really be into this game... The game being a very popular Skinneeez Stuffing-Less Toy (they come in many different animals including chickens, foxes, rabbits, skunks, etc...) attached to a slip lead and stick. Kinda like an old-timey fishing pole or carnival game. You can whip this thing around and many dogs in the little pack seem to really enjoy it. Pretty funny stuff, here are a few clips of the Chicken Chase Game in action hahaha.


P.S. Of course, we carry the Skinneeez line of dog toys. They are quite popular, an awesome toy that tends to last, check 'em out! ;)

*Public Service Announcement*

We do not promote/recommend exacerbating any animals Prey Drive instincts (Notwithstanding, certain styles of training or activities; working dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, etc...) However, given the circumstances, this game ended up being just fine for the Little Pack. We would never try this in the Big or Medium Rolls, it simply would not fly (no pun intended there) and would potentially cause a fight. The Little Group is just a different beast. We know each of our Fort Fido dogs well and would never put them in harms way. Today's group was able to handle the chickeny-funness without drama. :)

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