Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kool Kona Pic and Clips

(Our badge pic of Kona doesn't do her justice lol, she was very excited that day, hence the blur.)

Kona's owner brought me in a marvelous picture of the ever so sweet Kona posing with the Christmas toy Fort Fido gave her. Thanks for the photo guys! We are glad you enjoyed it Miss Kona.

Here are a couple of clips from this morning.

Our Little Roll was having an awesome time today, that's fairly normal of course. I thought this clip was funny, every pup cheesin' for Nancy. Pearl even throws her own ball hahaha.

From the Medium Roll, we see that new friend of The Fort, Gus, is fitting in with the pack seamlessly. I should have recorded minutes later, Gus was taking on everyone, doing it well and having a great time.

Last but certainly not least, the Big Roll. McGee and Marco Polo are birds of a feather. There was a lot of action in there today amongst the big dogs but this clip seemed the best.

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