Tuesday, January 24, 2012

``` Daring Dwayne ```

Please welcome little Dwayne to The Fort. He is a ten month old, thirteen pound, Miniature Poodle-Shih Tzu-Yorkie Mix that assessed this morning. Dwayne was named after "The Rock" AKA Dwayne Johnson, striking resemblance hehe? I remember watching that Rock fella back in my WWF (now WWE) days as a middle-schooler lol... Fake wrestling, how funny, it's entertaining as a lad. A soap opera for men if you will haha. Anywho, back to our new pal. He did just fantastic upstairs in the Little Roll! Dwayne has the longest eyelashes we have ever seen, he is quite dapper. When the dogs started to pour in, he was quick to greet them with positive energy and exaggerated play-bows. Dwayne spoke awesome "Dog" for a pup and truly seemed to thrive here. We plan on seeing him again. Way to go Dwayne, you are welcome back anytime and ya definitely smell what The Rock is cookin, I couldn't resits posting that, it was The Rock's famous line. ;)

Take a gander at this clip of Dwayne. Unfortunately it doesn't do him justice. He was really going at it with Fendi but every time the camera came out he stopped. That's how it goes a lot of times. :(


P.S. Ahhh, also wanted to post this nice clip of Doberman youngin Hank and tall black lab guy Jake.

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