Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some good articles found online

Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon canceled due to lack of snow - Hahaha, bummer for them, however, it looks as though we won't be having that problem.

Retired bomb-sniffing dog captured after airport escape - Darn that wild Arco, sounds like a smart one but quite the rebel. I believe we have come across a few Belgian Shepherds or a mix with that breed in the past. They are neat dogs!

Big dog saves her little pal from the clutches of a hungry owl - That Ramadi is one lucky little pooch, way to go Sadie! One of our past customers would bring in her Chihuahua from time to time because Hawks would attempt to swoop down upon it in the backyard. Once they built an arbor, the pup was safe. That's pretty intense.

World's smallest working dog - Therapy dogs our awesome, way to go Lil' Lucy you're one cool pooch, even if you don't weigh more than a few sausages lol.

Dogs have built-in Snow Boots - Rivaling the frost stopping powers of Penguin wings! Too cool! I've been wondering about Gibby's paws during our arctic treks to and from home haha. He doesn't seem to mind the cold and absolutely loves the snow.

Dog eats 100 rocks, lives to bark about it - Wild stuff... Antler dog chews are wickedly popular with customers here at The Fort. All of our personal dogs gnaw on them too. With that said, I do my best to remind customers to monitor their canine friends while they enjoy an antler. Inspect the antler from time to time as well. If it seems really hollow, like a chunk is going to break off, or, if it is "splintery" discard it!

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