Friday, January 27, 2012

A bear of a day...

(Yeah, he's pretty much like that hahaha!)

Not really ;) it was smooth sailing around here today. This morning we assessed another super-cute puppy, you know, the type that make you go "Ahhh". Meet Bear, he is a three month old, itty-bitty, English Cream colored, Golden Retriever. Bear did pretty good for a first day. We started him in our Medium Roll where he was a bit hesitant at first. Bear slowly began to come out of his shell as more pack members joined him. He played nicely with Tikvah among others. We know, with the right training and consistency, Bear will become an awesome adult dog. He is such a looker, we all can't wait to meet with him again.

Well, I'm pooped lol! Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. You can spot bear in this clip but it doesn't do him justice, it's mainly Kona and Pupcake going at it... Every time I saw Bear go into play we weren't "Camera Ready". ;)

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