Monday, January 2, 2012

Missed Santa Pic and News

Hi y'all,

My apologies to Mr. Luther & Miss Payton. I somehow didn't scan there Christmas card until it was too late, doh! Either way, have a gander at it now, better late than never. These two cuties are always photo ready...

(Priceless! Payton always looks like that but I have never seen Luther with that petrified looking, don't-mess-with-me gaze hahaha!)

Some news links for ya:Link
Amazing dog can save lives by dialing 9-1-1

Neighbor revives dog hurt in fire

Tintin: A beginner's guide to the European Classic

New Year delivers helpful companion for Texas boy

Texas rancher trains dogs to tend to cattle

I hope your New Year's holiday went well. I cranked up the pipes at Midnight, always a pleasure to be able to do that lol. ;)

Have a nice week, welcome 2012!


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