Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mr. Max

Today was Max's Assessment Day. He is a handsome, three year old, twenty pound, Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We had Max have a go in our Medium Roll Play Area... He followed us to it easily, and entered without a care. Once the other "medium canines" began to arrive, Max acted quite cool, calm, and collected. He seemed curious as to what was going to happen at The Fort today. Max met with the others in a kindly fashion, but wasn't too interested in interacting at first... After being given some time, about two hours, Max began to interact much more. He busted out into a bit of play with Yuki, and seemingly had a good time. It has been our experience, that most "Corgi Canines" start to play and socialize quite feverishly lol. Max is one regal little dog that is more than welcome to hangout here at Fort Fido anytime. We here look forward to seeing him again soon.

Be well,


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