Thursday, July 10, 2014

Some words about Overnight Boarding

Our Overnight Boarding here at Fort Fido has proven to be a great success. We've been going strong with it for a little over two years now, my how time flys! Today, I wanted to throw out some Overnight Boarding Tips. Basically, what you should and shouldn't (or don't need to) bring with your dog to The Fort, for their overnight stay. What we have been running into is, some folks are bringing in wayyy too much, while others aren't bringing in enough... So here is our recommendations on the "perfect amount of NEEDED gear".

*Please note, if your canine has special needs (i.e., they need their bandages changed, insulin injections, hair styled, salve applied, diaper changed, booties kept on, etc...) please speak with a Fort Fido staff member prior to making boarding reservations. We may not be able to meet certain needs, and extra fees may apply.

For a fantastic Fort Fido Overnight Stay, along with your pooch, assuming they don't have any medications or special needs, please bring in the following:

- A towel, old human shirt, blanket, and or bed.

Either one is fine, your dog may not need any of that stuff, or you may want them to have all of that stuff... But please keep in mind the seasons, the fact that we keep our building comfortable at all times, and, that we have clean rubber flooring in all of our play areas. (My dog Gibson is hilarious, he prefers to sleep on the hardwood floor at my home, or rubber floor here, careless of the fact that I've purchased him a fancy dog bed. Come on dude, it's organic cotton lol!)

- Collar and Leash

As you already know, all dogs coming into The Fort must be on a quick-release collar and leash only. For a boarding stay, go ahead and bring them in on this exact same setup.

- Food and a Measure

If you canine already eats our wonderful "house food", Fromm Gold, then you have it easy, don't bring in any food... However, if your pooch does not eat Fromms. Please bring the food they eat daily from home. We do not want to deal with any Digestive Issues lol. You can bring your dog's food in the packaging it comes in, or a tub, or Tupperware, even a grocery bag or any bag works. Just be sure to bring enough food for the duration of their visit, and be sure to supply us with a measuring device for your dogs individual portion. Measuring cups, scoops, pint glasses, and to-go cups all work well.

That is it, easy as pie!

Any more gear than that pretty much just becomes a burden, and or can't be used. Some things, like treats and toys, don't get used because they can't be, for safety's sake, or because they will just get ruined by other canine guests. Here, we provide water and water bowls, food bowls, toys (little roll only), crates (if needed), etc... We even have extra bedding and towels.

We appreciate you going with the "less is more" approach when bringing in gear for your pet's stay. Thanks for making it easy on us lol!

Although accidents and mistakes can, and do occur, here and in life... While staying at For Fido, to the best of our abilities, dogs are monitored, and kept in optimal physical and psychological health.

People care for and communicate with dogs in many different ways, what may be a great way for one, isn't for someone else. Being Canine-care Professionals, we understand this in depth, and attempt to tread lightly on the subject. We have customers from all walks of life, whom each handle their canine differently. The one common thread though, and the thing we most appreciate, is that they all trust us to care for their dogs in our way. For this we thank them, we are truly obliged by their support and understanding. Believe us when we say, everything we do at our facility, is for the total health and wellness of the animals that come here. Safety for the dogs comes first, which is then followed by customer service.

As Canine-care Professionals, we have a keen understanding of the canine brain and a dogs individual actions/needs and how to address them. We ensure that they are safe, comfortable, and clean at all times... While simultaneously allowing them to "be dogs", the fantastic rabble-rousers, players, and socializers they are, truly part of a pack once in our care. We like to call ourselves, Dog Wranglers, jokingly defining that term as "Janitors and Referees", albeit it's true.

So with all of that, please, go about your day, night, vacations and trips, without a care, rest assured that your doggy companion is in good hands here. Trust us and let us work, we are the experts. If we are experiencing a problem, or an emergency arises concerning your pet, after addressing it, we'll be the first to contact you... We have a cheeky saying around here, but it holds true, "no news, is good news."


To all of our customers, thank you so very much for your business. Don't forget to get your reservation in now for boarding!

-Grant, David, Nancy, & the rest of the Fort Fido Staff

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