Thursday, July 17, 2014

Newsin it up

"Fresh off the press this morning"

Photographer captures faithful dog's last day Watch out for that one, it's a sad one, gulp.

Horribly mistreated dog gets an epic makeover Holy smokes!

Dog saves deaf boy from fire Way to go Ace!

Lost Dog App using facial recognition gains traction Dang, the future is now lol... That sounds like a project Gary should be working on.

Common complaints from dog owners Ha! I'm quite sure we've all experienced one or all of those "complaints" at some point in our dog loving lives.

Family creates 'canine bucket-list' for dog with cancer Pretty awesome, similar to that first article. I'm enjoying this "cool new trend" in the celebration of a pet's life.

Dog drives to celebrate birthday Ok. Maybe that is getting carried away a bit, or maybe not? They lost me on that one.

That was my dog, now let me explain Dang Bella, that's embarrassing!

New tech helps injured dog get prosthetic paws Way to go Brutus, lucky dog!

4 things your dog can teach you about customer retention Never thought of this... Very interesting.

New dog carrier allows injured older dogs more freedom Great idea, too sweet!

Italian beach offers Dog Ambulance What a novel idea.

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