Monday, June 30, 2014


(This too is Baobao, which also means "Treasure" in Chinese. I learn something everyday around here!)

This morning we had Baobao in for his assessment. He is a sprightly, ten year old, nineteen pound, Silky Terrier... Who doesn't look or act a day over five lol! Baobao tried The Fort's Little Roll on for size today. Up there, he did pretty well for a first day. As the Little Roll pack grew in size, Baobao, became seemingly more comfortable. It's clear that he has socialized with other dogs before, because he speaks good "Dog" and is non-reactive, even around in-your-face-pups like Miguel haha. Although not a huge "player", Baobao did meander round the play area, and enjoyed the company of the other canines. All in all, Baobao is welcome to comeback to Fort Fido.

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