Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seasoned Sophie

Fort Fido's crew was ready to meet Miss Sophie today. She is a gentle, ten year old, fifty-eight pound, Black Mouth Cur. This sweet and mature gal trotted back with us to the Medium Roll. There, Sophie wasn't quite sure where she was, or what she was supposed to do inside The Fort's play area. Being a wee bit older than your average Daycare Dog, Sophie isn't one for crazy-wrestle-play like some of our younger canines guests. However, Sophie has socialized with dogs before, and seemed to enjoy being around the pack. Once she figured out that she wasn't "at The Vet for surgery", Sophie relaxed a bit more. Given some time and consistency, we believe that Sophie can be even more comfortable here, and relax while visiting. She has a very kind disposition, and is pretty darn tolerant of young whippersnappers. Sophie, you may stay with us anytime, way to go today girl, ya did just fine!




  1. Sounds like someone for Domino to hang with

    1. Hahaha, pretty much... Domino is doing great by the way. Normal "Dommy" for us. :) Hope all is well with you guys, have a happy fourth!