Thursday, July 31, 2014

Willow... This one's a heart-melter!

If you enjoy cute puppies (Lol who doesn't?), and or Shetland Sheep Dogs. There are a few Sheltie fans around these parts...

Meet the wonderful Willow! She is a thee month old, seven pound, Bi-Blue, Shetland Sheepdog, who was in for her assessment this morning. Very excited, Grant, eagerly waited for Willow to arrive haha. Upon her arrival, he did everything he could to keep cool, and not fawn all over her. As many of you know, here at Fort Fido we want each and every dog to have the best day possible. We want each guest to "be a dog", fit in with the pack, and have fun. We strive to approach and assist each canine in a certain way, helping them to stay calm and balanced throughout their visit. Puppy "comings and goings" and how we handle them, are of the utmost importance. To aid in avoiding the dreaded S.A., we must set the right example (no fawning, no baby talk, etc...), and be quite diligent. Surprisingly, and despite Willow's best efforts of "extreme cuteness", Grant did good... Good thing Gary was there lol.

Now back to Willow! This little doll went directly to The Fort's Medium Roll, once therein, it was clear that she wanted to meet the pack, and be with other dogs right away. Although small, we wanted Willow to be with slightly larger dogs right away, Shelties are tough and we know she could handle it. Especially since she has a Collie "sibling" at home. Willow is a cute pup and showed her ability to adjust in new situations. Willow seemed to enjoy the pack and communicated well with the others. She had quite a bit of fun while relaxing around the other dogs. Willow didn't fully play, however she did a few slight "hit and run" play styles (which is where she doesn't fully play, but attempts to). With some more time, I think that Willow will be playing with the rest of the pack and having a fantastic time.

We are excited to have her back, and can't wait to see that cute face!
- Zach

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