Monday, July 21, 2014

Walter is in!

A bit ago I mentioned new dogs Winston and his brother Walter. They were supposed to assess on the same day, but Walter was a bit under the weather when Assessment Day arrived. Since then, Winston has been having a really good time at Fort Fido and is doing well... While Walter, is finally back to 100% good health, and was ready to go for his assessment this morning. A three year old, twenty-three pound, Miniature Dachshund Mix, Walter, naturally tried out The Fort's Little Roll upstairs. There, he sniffed about, exploring the play area curiously. As other dogs were introduced to him, Walter met with them in the proper manner, cautiously going through the motions of canine greeting. As the pack grew, Walter stayed cool, calm, and collected. Although he didn't play too much, Walter did enjoy hanging out with the other dogs, and seemed comfortable. Given a bit of time and consistency, we wouldn't be surprised at all if Walter starts in on some more play. His bro Winston has proved to be quite the player, so Walter may get there too. Good job today Wally, we shall see you around.

Take it easy,


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