Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dog News!

Hot Dog News Articles... Not to be confused with "hotdog news articles", although Tacoma's Red Hot did just expand lol.
 (This dressed-up canine dude reminds me of Gherie!)

Washington Pet Store Owner is eating only pet food for 30 days!

Video shows agile turtle playing soccer with a dog, although he's a bit "Suarez-esque"

Help your dog overcome Separation Anxiety Also, here's The Fort's articles on the matter

Video: Little dog breaks up "fight" between little dog friends

Surviving the dog days of summer... Here is How we beat the heat here at Fort Fido.

The Top 8 Dogs from the Hero Dog Awards

Home designs with pet projects: Dog doors, built-in bowls and more

What is your dog trying to tell you? Some of the things showed in those photos, like yawning, are actually what we like to call "Calming Signals", used between canines to communicate and help calm each other's moods. Basically, they aren't necessarily "negative or positive" they are just forms of communication... Which I might add, are much different than ours, and far more subtle. Checkout the "real info" about dog's Calming Signals and what they are trying to tell you.

Alright sorry, couldn't help it, here is another "hotdog link", o that's a joke within a joke! Ok, I'll stop, must be "the heat" getting to me lol... 11 toppings to make your hotdog the top dog. Ha, at least we can tell what I'm craving today.


By the way, get ready to say hello to us at the Fort Fido booth, at the 2014 Humane Society Dog-A-Thon, at Fort Steilacoom Park, on July 26th, from 9 am - 2 pm. If you haven't already, you definitely must check this even out, it's a lot of fun and it supports a great cause. On top of that, a little bird told me that Fido will be having a raffle there, with a great prize, cool! Hope to see you there!

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