Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lounge Lizards

Yes, at times, thankfully, the wily canines at Fort Fido do take it down a notch on occasion. Hahaha! Here are some cute and recent examples. Most dogs that attend, go from amped to "dog tired" multiple times during their visit. It's a good thing. ;)

Rudy and Zipper = Cuddle Bugs.

In the Big Roll, the mighty Big Roll...

Gordo and Murphy being too adorable.

Who me?

Somewhat dog related lol... New Red Wolf Pups are making their summer debut at the Point Defiance Zoo. How exciting!

 My, they are some amazing looking animals. Click here for the story and video.

 Now, now... Leave you stereotypical off-color jokes at the door for this next thought of mine.. ;)

I stumbled across this funny looking pic of a Lab longing for some Korean BBQ. I understand him fully haha! Man, if you haven't tried it before, you absolutely must. My family and I hit up the best KBBQ place often. I went there for the first time 13 years ago, with my friend and his family. It has to be the best in the state due to our rich, local, Korean Culture. Chung Ki Wa is the name and it is on South Tacoma Way. Bring your family/friends, an open mind and your appetite, get the Pork Belly and Kalbi. If you have taste buds, I promise you will not be disappointed lol.



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