Friday, June 1, 2012

Tearin it up at The Fort!

We caught a few cool clips today, here are a couple to share with your friends! First we have one from the big guys , Boxers Stella and Zeus playing with Gordon and doing what they do best--boxing! next is a clip from the medium pups, little wild man Bogie and spunky Australian Shepherd Chewy having a good romp.

In the news,

How do you stop your dog from licking?

Communities in rural Canada are receiving aid kits and manuals for dog care

Dogs (but not wolves) use humans as tools Us dog people are already pretty used to this! I know my pup is intimately aware of all the awesome things our thumbs can do (like open jars of peanut butter, work faucets and door handles, lol).

A neat adoption event is being held in Cali, called the Whole EnChihuahua. It features tons of the tiny pooches in an adorable costume contest!Last year's winner was dress as Frida Kahlo.

I know I post these a lot, but I really love the stories about service dogs helping soldiers re-integrate to civilian life. It's important to show these heroes (both the two- and four-legged ones!) the honor and respect that they deserve.

Here's hoping that summer is on the way!


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