Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charlotte and Dixie--New Pups at the Fort!

 We had an assessment double-header this morning, with a new pup in the medium and small sides both! Charlotte is a red Doberman (we've had a couple Dobies joining us lately; namely Zeus, and Hank), only about 10 months old. She played with the medium pooches, and got our new pack member Thorn to bust out with the play! We were waiting to see who could coax him out of his shell, and it was great to see Charlotte not only go straight to playing, but also to help other pups want to play as well. She did great and we're glad to have her as a new pack member.

Little Dixie is a 5 month old (almost!) little Havanese, who went up to play with the small dogs. Weighing in at under seven pounds, she was nonetheless confident and social. She wasted no time in getting in the mix with the other pups upstairs. We caught a great clip of her romping with the pack upstairs--they were all playing ball, and little Dixie was having more fun chasing the pups than the toys!

We'll check in again tomorrow!


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