Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nap time and Play time

Luther and Payton enjoying their comfy beds!

Little Pearl and Seamus taking a break.

Today was a busy Saturday here at the Fort, with plenty of Daycare dogs and Boarders alike! We caught some cute clips of the pups enjoying each other's company this morning.

First we have Boston Terrier double-trouble with Bogie and Lucy/! These two are great buds, and love to romp and play together. Especially, it turns out, when they get to play ball together. Check out this clip of Bogie playing a little "keep away." Lucy just loves chasing him around the play area!

Next we have Zipper, Jasper, and Gordon having a little romp in the big group. Zipper is just back  today (he was recently neutered), and was chock full of energy. Jasper is also a real high-energy guy, so they were fast friends.

Have a great night everyone!


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