Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even Buddy is online these days

Check out this most wonderful photo from Buddy's ma Bonnie. It shows our pal Buddy online, surfin' the web and checking out himself on his favorite website. http://fortfido.blogspot.com/

Too hilarious! Thank you very much for the photo. I am glad that you read and enjoy our blog.

Checkout these swell links I found Monday evening Mr. Buddy:

Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a humans?
I've always heard about that one, not too surprised really lol! What a great science project.

Use common sense on visit to dog park.
Definitely, I am a fan of them but don't like the horror stories. I'm appalled when I see people ignorant of canine behavior, or dogs in general, arguing about who's dog shouldn't be in there or a plethora of other things hahaha! I tend to just sit back and let the dogs do there thing without chatting people up. Although, it appears to be quite the social hour for many humans as well. I don't intervene unless something very bizarre or unsafe is going on... It kinda feels like work there anyway ya know? Haha! Like most things in life, it's not all bad or all good. Just keep your wits about you and stay neutral. If you aren't comfortable with another dog or something, trust your gut, and leave. There is no point in having a bickering match with another dog owner in a public place.

High-tech solutions to dog poop coming to Israel.
I have put up links to something like this in the past. Who would have thought it would become such an issue? I don't mind the idea though... Let's do it in Fircrest, then I could find out who "forgot a bag" and let their pup lay a steamer in my front yard! ;)

'Dangerous' Lewis County dogs make a jail break.
Yikes! Unfortunately, these two four-leggers sound like bad news. I certainly hope no one or no thing is damaged or hurt crossing paths with them. They are however just being dogs... Wild ones at that, forming a partnership/small pack, gulp!

Aussie coroner agrees Dingo took baby in 1980 case!
Wowee! Talk about redemption!? I have known about this story since I can remember. My parents and I have mentioned it and discussed it several times over the years. That poor couple... What a relief for them. You must rent the movie about the story starring Meryl Streep.

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