Friday, June 8, 2012

the new diggs

Awhile back I showed you some pics of the work we had done at Fort Fido. Well, here are a few more. The finished product if you will...

Washer and dryer, a must for Overnight Boarding. Washing bedding, towels, rags, mops, etc... No more going to the laundromat, woo-hoo!

New rubber floor in the bathroom and side room. Looks much better, like real hardwood, and is great for water spills.

"Kumpi Counter Cut-Out", now with light lol! Thank goodness that old wagon is finally out of the lobby. It took up valuable room in an already tiny space.

Overnight boarding has been going well. The dogs continue to be content and behaved. So far, so good.


Take it easy,

P.S. Strange... I didn't realize The Fort was in an online article a few years ago. I slightly remember the interview and picture but figured it would never be published hahaha. I stumbled upon it randomly, check it out here on Patch.

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