Friday, June 29, 2012

3 Cool Clips

There were some great clips today, with a lot of fun romping all over the place! In the big roll, Pepper and Jake were having a good time playing and neckfighting. It's great to see these two play fair and take turns--that's a big sign of respect for pups!

In the medium side, "twins" Buddy and Sheldon were tearing it up together. It was like having double-vision! If you're having trouble telling them apart, Sheldon has the docked tail ;-) Even knowing that, it's hard to keep track of who's-who in this rip-roarin clip.

Upstairs, Chloe and Samarah played for us on camera. Sometimes it can be hard to get such a close up clip of the action (standing in the play area can be pretty distracting to personable pooches!), but these lovely ladies were in the zone and didn't let anything distract them from their playtime.


Have a great night guys,



  1. Thanks for the peek at Buddy!!!
    It was great to be able to show the Canadian cousins our little guy, as well as an example of the kind of doggie daycare they should be looking for. (Two of the cousins are going to be adopting an 8-week old miniature Aussie this Monday.) So, I will be directing them to your website & policies so they'll have something for comparison.
    Thanks again, and give him a goodnight hug for us, OK?
    Kay & Brian

  2. Sheldon's owner here, just looking for the video of Sheldon playing with his "twin" but it's not on here :-(

  3. It should be the second clip there, it may not have finished "processing" on YouTube when you tried to watch it earlier. Give it another try. :-)