Monday, October 20, 2014

Bold Baxter!

Meet Baxter! He is a one year old, sixty-two pound, brown and white colored, Boxer Mix, that had his assessment today at Fort Fido. Baxter entered our Big Roll Play Area cautious, yet curious. He wasn't quite sure what he was here to do at first. That was until he started to meet the other canines. Right away, Baxter seemed to hit it off with Jackson and Jesse. As the pack grew in size, he continued to roll about enjoying the day here at The Fort with the fellow pack members. Baxter had an extremely great time playing with Tucker as seen in the videos below.
Below, Baxter rumbles about with Tucker, and Lucy.
 We are excited to see Baxter return and make even more great friends here at Fort Fido.
Have an awesome day and stay dry,
- Zach

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