Friday, October 24, 2014

Doggy Newsy


Stressed? This Dog May Help

Meet the Secret Service Dogs Who Took Down White House Fence Jumper I don't think we're gonna see too much more of that action lol!

The Original Dog Whisperer This one is a must see folks!

You Really Love Your Dog Like a Child, Study Says Yup. No doubt that this is true, however, that being so, we need to stay conscious of that, and deal with our canine companions properly... Understanding that they are not children, and attempting to communicate with them more healthily. You know, just to avoid the development of any "problems". Their language, and their interpretation of our actions, are quite different then ours. ;)

Boots the dog plays Mary Poppins to kittens Awww!

Here are some hilarious dog costumes


Dog Complex: Analyzing Freud's Relationship With His Pets

Dog-loving trucker takes dog on 1,380-mile ride home That is one lucky-dog.

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