Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Miss Nevada

Bright and early this morn, the Fort Fido team met up with the lovely, Nevada, for her assessment. This clever Alaskan Malamute gal, was ready to see what our place had to offer. She is quite striking, weighs one hundred pounds, and is one and a half years old. Entering the Big Roll, Nevada sniffed about while taking some laps around the play area. We laughed as she laid down shortly thereafter, acting as if she was bored, or ready for the next bit of fun (typical Northern Breed lol)... That "boredom" stopped abruptly, as other canines began to enter the Big Roll. Nevada leapt up, and proceeded to "meet and greet" with them in a kindly fashion... Getting into "dyadic play" (one on one) shortly after. She hit it off well with the other dogs, and had a particular fondness for Brix, and Doberman-Dude Reilly. You can see them playing together in the following clips:

We are happy that Nevada did so well on her first day at The Fort, and she may join us anytime. She has some darn good canine communication skills, especially for her age, and you can tell that she has been socialized well. Nice job today Nevada, you're an excellent addition to our pack.



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