Monday, October 13, 2014

A Pack Of Six - Part One - Half a sixpack

This Monday has started out with a bang here at The Fort! We have three new dogs, of the same family, all in for their Assessments this morning. They are half, of a six-dog-pack, that we are assessing today and tomorrow. Get this, today's three are all Chihuahuas!

First up, meet Rouge, he is a one year old, ten pound, brindle, Chihuahua Mix. Although he is the latest addition to his owner's pack, he is doing well so far. Upstairs in the Little Roll, Rouge was the most curious and confident. He got to exploring things right away, and enjoyed playing during ball time.

Coco Sophia, or "Coco" for short, is about four years old, she is seven pounds, and is beige in color. This Chihuahua gal was a bit more cautious than her "brother", when entering the small dog play area. After a bit of time passed, she began to relax into her new surroundings.

Last but not least this morning, was Fiona, she is the oldest of the three Chihuahuas, at about seven years of age. She is a lovely light cream color and weighs eight pounds. She too did a fine job at Fort Fido today, but did take the longest to warm-up to the situation.

All three of today's dogs are rescues, so their ages may not be 100% accurate. These canines are quite lucky to have found their owner, and mostly importantly, their forever home. Way to go, and way to rescue, much respect!

Fortunately for us, all three of today's new canines seemed to get comfortable here rather quickly. They are all fun little dogs, that should get much enjoyment out of our pack and facilities. Fingers crossed, that the other three members of their pack, will do as good tomorrow!

Happy Indigenous People's Day!



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