Thursday, October 16, 2014

Medium Brothers Charlie & Levi

Our busy-week at The Fort continued this morning with two more new comers! In for their Assessments this morning, were "brothers" Charlie and Levi.

Charlie is a nine year old, twenty-five pound, Shih Tzu and Terrier Mix.

Levi is a nine year old, forty-five pound, Labrador Retriever Mix.

Based on Charlie and Levi's size, and the fact that they have both been Dog Daycare regulars, at various locations across the country, for years... We thought it best to put them in our Medium Roll, keeping them together. The Medium Roll is a play area with much action and fun. It also varies a lot, in the sizes and play-styles of the dogs that call it home.

Sometimes dogs from the same family are split up, and other times they aren't. We usually start dogs of the same family together, and then observe them, before making a more permanent " placement decision". Keeping them together or splitting them up, depends on how they interact with the pack, and each other, in the presence of the pack.

Sometimes, dogs of the same family, or even siblings, will "tag team play" too much, "beat each other up", or can even become possessive of each other (i.e. one protecting the other). Thankfully, that wasn't the case for Charlie and Levi. This twosome interacts very well with one another, and the pack as a whole. Their canine communication skills are skillfully honed, which is always great to see.

Both Charlie and Levi blended in seamlessly with our group. They got comfortable at Fort Fido right away. Although they didn't play too much, we believe that they will after a few visits. We were actually kind of surprised that they didn't play more, but that usually comes in time. The neat thing, was that you'd never know they hadn't stayed with us before, if you watched them interact in the play area.

Charlie and Levi, first rate job brothers! We'd like to see you again soon.



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