Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Need For Speed

Meet Speed, she is a pretty, two year old, sixty-two pound, Brindle, Greyhound, that had her assessment this morning. Due to the fact that, Speed, although large and fast, is a bit of a "couch potato", we had her try out the Medium Roll Play Area lol. Once therein, Speed sniffed around a bit, then graciously met with the other canines. We were told that Speed would most likely play in short bursts and then just lounge around... That's pretty much what she did. We didn't see too much play out of her, however, she seemed interested. She especially perked up, when her outside-The Fort-dog friend, and Fort Fido regular, Sophie, showed up. As the morning progressed and the Medium Roll's pack grew in size, Speed, continued to act cool, calm, and collected. She is a very sweet dog that is welcome here anytime. We hope to see her get into some more "play-action" in future visits. Good job today Speed, you gorgeous creature you!

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