Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to everyone, hopefully you had a wonderful 4th. The dogs had a great time here, and thankfully, slept well.

I have two cute clips for you today.

Josie, Marlee, Seamus and Wubs (AKA Faramir) had a lot of Ball Time fun together, this morning, in the Little Roll.
After Independence Day excitement, Bear (Baer) and Jasper were just ready to "Chillax". How precious haha.

Also, I watched this cool clip on Youtube's "Most Viewed" the other day. It's a Dog Goldberg Machine, you know, "Rube Goldberg style", but with dogs haha! It's very rad, however, I will say this... And I'm ok with saying it... Beneful (Purina) stinks! Solely "my personal opinion" of course lol.

At least try this food for your canine companion instead.


Have a wonderful weekend,


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