Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lucky Leiko!

This weekend we are lucky enough to have Leiko, the Labrador and Shepherd mix. He is an adorable puppy of only 12 weeks, and shows it in his amazing attitude. Always seeking a good romp, Cayenne was overjoyed to welcome this pup and showed him a good time frolicking around in the Med. Roll. I managed to get a couple great clips of their fun. Enjoy!
Here is a super cute clip of when Leiko and Cayenne were still figuring out each other's play style, and I must say that these two are going to be great pals as the days go on.
Another quick clip here that I wanted to share of these two pups ripping it up some more.
On a more serious note, another massive pet food recall is in effect. Be aware that If you have any "Natura Pet Food" products, throw them out immediately.

For more information including how to get a full refund, and a full list of their products please visit this page :

And just a quick reminder that Fort Fido does carry Kumpi (follow link for info and testimonials) dog/cat food which is held to the highest baking standards and has NEVER been recalled.
-Ryan W. 

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