Friday, July 26, 2013

Trick or treat!

       Just like humans, dogs need to find different ways of stimulating their brains. Besides daycare of course, one of the ways to help deal with high energy dogs, or any dog for that matter is to set them loose on a Treat Puzzle. This type of puzzle helps the dog feel accomplished and entertained while earning it's treat. These are important things for the pup's mental health (which is just as important to our canine friends as their physical health) as it creates an avenue of stimulation that is natural in the way it makes your pup "hunt", instead of just being presented with his or her meal. 

Here we have Miller, one of The Fort's good friends, setting a prime example of how to play with his treat puzzle, and having a blast doing so!! His particular puzzle hides the snacks under the "paws", which Miller will have to pull out of the base in order to his reward. A great game and a healthy way to keep them preoccupied.    
One fairly common treat puzzle is the Kong, many of you have seen and maybe even used them before. By loading the Kongs up with the variety of treats made specifically to be placed inside the toy, Or anything healthy you could think your dog would enjoy, Such as this recipe using Apple, Pumpkin, and kibble. Or for a more sophisticated pallet, we have this scrumptious looking recipe.  Your pup could spend anywhere from 10-15 minutes all the way up to an hour, trying to get at those delicious goodies!
Being able to distract your dog, with something fun for them to do, even for just a couple minutes can be a lifesaver sometimes, but a joy to watch every time.

So next time you stop in at The Fort, be sure to check out our wall-o-toys, to find a puzzle game that would work best for your pup. Here at Fort Fido we carry lots of Kong toys, along with balls that hold the treats until smushed a particular way very similar to the way that Kongs work.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check in on the fun come Monday :)


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