Thursday, July 11, 2013

A shiny new Penny!

This morning we were delighted to assess new pup Penny. She is a four month old, twenty-five pound, blonde colored, Goldendoodle. Penny's "Dog Aunt", Ruby, has been coming to The Fort for over a year. Penny stayed with us and the pack in our Medium Roll. She was happy, playful, and pleased to meet with the other dogs. A very well rounded young dog, Penny interacted nicely with the group. She greeted and played with many dogs, including Fort Fido regulars, Lucy and Yuki. We are lucky to have a nice new doodle amongst our ranks. First-rate job today Penny, we hope to see you soon!

Here's a little clip of Penny in action:

Be well,



  1. from what i hear Penny had a great time today. She was exhausted! Can't wait to bring her back!
    from Penny's Dad, Scott.