Friday, July 19, 2013

If you haven't already...

Please read our blog article titled "Giving the boot :( some words about safety at Fort Fido". It is very relevant, and I like folks to be mindful of it. I wrote it a few years back. Unfortunately, I was reminded of it today because we had an assessment that didn't quite "cut the mustard". No, it wasn't a big deal, not a "fight", or anything like that... Just a canine with a high arousal level, that didn't like to meet with other dogs properly (He wouldn't let any dog sniff his rear end lol!). Anywho, here is that article, please take a gander:

Take it easy this weekend,

P.S. Also something to note, our blog is now going to be updated Monday through Friday, five days a week, only. Any big news that happens over the weekend will be up on Monday's post. Thank you.

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