Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Medium Roll CLIP TIME

From earlier today.

I gotta warn you though, these clips feature mostly, Mr. Yuki "The Terrorizer" (Kidding!), doing what he does best lol... Playing hard and being popular! It seems like every second of his Fort Fido time is spent this way. He is one neat canine that really likes this place.

Also in the clips, new Westie Emmett is found doing fabulous! This morning he decided to "bust out" into play, with several different pack members. We were thrilled! It is always a joy to see a new dog to The Fort, get comfortable enough to start having some fun. Most assessments (new dogs) start playing right away, but some, aren't exactly sure what to make of it all at first. Over time, they begin to love it. We believe Emmett is headed for "loving it" status, and it hardly took 24 hours, way to go pal, enjoy yourself!

Another thing to note about today's clips, is Louis. This month has seen quite an influx of fun, but high-energy, young puppies in the Medium Roll. This is a good thing, however, young pups can be quite a handful for the older pack members... Due to their adolescent behavior, AKA, "bad manners", socialization "learning curve", and rowdiness! Now back to Louis, he's been just awesome, and extremely patient with "The Newbs" lol. He has taken several of the young puppy dogs under his wing, errr paw? Haha! Anyway, Louis has been showing these whippersnappers the ropes of proper dog socializing, fair play, etc... Good on ya Lou! Thank you for the help buddy, especially with Little Miss Blue!


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