Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcoming more pups to the pack!

 This morning we welcomed Thavy, an 8 year old yellow lab. Who was very nice and spoke great dog, but wasn't super quick to jump into play mode. She did sniff around and start to learn the abundance of new smells. During her morning visit she met the other members of her new pack while settling into the daycare environment. I'm sure that The Fort will become more comfortable as she stays with us this weekend, and she will grow to be a valuable member of the pack.
We also welcomed Dax's brother Shep to the pack today. He is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog. Nosing around the fences and getting to know the other dogs smells was his mission today. Even though he did not play much, Shep started building his social skills in a positive way, which will help him make tons of new friends here at The Fort. Dax showed him that even though its a new place, it was a fun place, and by playing for a short time, helped Shep be more and more comfortable as the day progressed.


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