Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Abbie At the ready

This morning the Fort Fido crew met up with Abbie for her Assessment. She is a super cute and spunky, five month old, twenty-four pound, Border Collie Mixed Breed. We escorted Abbie to the Medium Roll, knowing it would be the perfect fit for her. Although she is small, she has Border Collie in her, making her energy filled and quite tough. Once she entered the Play Area, Abbie was interested in exploring it, and seemingly eager to be introduced to some canines. We had her meet with Edna and Louis right away... As expected, due to her disposition and age, Abbie was very submissive, yet met with the other canines in a decent manner. Play is the name of this young dogs game! After some quick sniffs, Abbie, had Edna and Louis whipped up into a frenzy of play and "chase me" games, too fun! Abbie is most welcome here at The Fort. We believe that she can get a lot out of Dog Daycare, and will continue to thrive here. Nicely done Abbie, let's continue to hone those social skills!

Here are two cool clips of Abbie in action:


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