Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to the pack, Ginger!

Today we welcomed Ginger, a two and a half year old Lab Mix. She came to see us because of the expert advice of  her buddy, Sophie Alice. Ginger is a very sweet tempered, and curious pup. She had lots of new scents to check out, not only in the lobby but back with the pack as well.

Not quick to jump into play, but very nice and spoke great dog! I'm sure that once Ginger becomes accustomed to the environment here at The Fort she will start to open up and play more with the other Big Rollers. Ginger was lucky to have found and been found by such amazing owners, at the humane society approx. 6 1/2 months ago. We're happy to have her and looking forward to seeing her again soon!  


  1. So happy we found Fort Fido! Love the picture you caught of her. Thanks for the time you took to get to know Ginger. I'm sure she'll be back soon!

  2. You are so very welcome! Great to meet you guys, thank you for the comment.